Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You Dirty Girl.

So im a slacker. Ill just come out and admit it right now! Its been since Wednesday and yeah I have had class and work but nothing serious, Ive just been involved with my boyfriends: Ebay and Red-Bull Vodka. But no worries Im back now with quite a few updates, so prepare yourself darlings, this is going to be quite the post. Shall we start from the beginning?

I really dont have much to say on the topic of: Just another boring day at work.
Besides the fact that I adore white nails.

Blouse- Forever21, Dress- Gadzooks, Belt- Thrift, Ankle Boots- Oh Deer!, Glasses- Burberry.

Onward Ho!

Who are Karl Langerfeld fans? Well If you know him, and you love him you will pretty much understand my day in to day out mission for the perfect fingerless gloves. I have been looking for them endlessly for a long time subduing my crave for the black leather ones with a pair of gray lace ones but that didn't last long. I don't know what it is lately but Ive been seeing them everywhere and finally it drove me over the edge, the hunt was on. I found some great ones at Hot Topic in red, alas every single pair either had a stud missing or was torn - Beautiful pleather, not. Well finally I got an idea, ebay...duh....found em, bought them... on there way! Ill post pictures when they arrive- Heres just one reason why I adore fingerless gloves, and its not Blake Livly, but I might just have to buy them in white...or in any color for that matter.

In continuation of my weekend with one love in my life ebay, I made another purchase. I realize the gladiator craze is reaching all star limits in the shoe world, but as much as I am tempted to buy those darling wedges I just need to say no! Not only are they popping up everywhere on the internet, they are now making versions of it for Wetseal and Forever21. I am sorry but once it hits mass appeal on that level ill find some alternatives which I have.
We all are aware (I hope) that Balenciaga was knocked off when nine west created there beloved "heech" sandal, which is now being reproduced and knocked off again, well... Are you aware of the new version that they created of the Gladiator sandal?

This baby was the creation that spawned it all, although I cannot blame them this is quite the piece of art. I find this style with the studs my favorite and indeed on my list of HG (holy grail) shoes that hopefully I will acquire over my life time, Ill make a post about them soon.

Yet Balenciaga makes this Studded Gladiator in a flat version aswell that I feel gets over looked!

By the way, the studded version is so much more enjoyable. But then again I am obsessed with studs so of course I would think that.

Alas this is the "new" Gladiator shoe release by Balenciaga... all thats changed is the Wedge part, its now a heel... But different all the same, and if it wasn't for the color I probably wouldn't lust over these as much but they are wonderful so im pretty much screwed.

So getting back to the point of my not being able to purchase the wedge version, I looked to my beloved shopping problem to help me resort my needs and I came to finding a shoe. Its not a direct knock off, but when I see this shoe it reminds me of the new version. I could just be the heel, but its strappy none the less and I adore it. throw in some buckles criss cross some straps, and make it patent leather, then you would get my new beloved. So if you looked at the Balenciaga on drugs, you would get this.

♥-Ill post pictures when they arrive.


Now for today, also the reasoning behind "Dirty girl" - Although you may not think so this morning I felt like just saying in bed. One of those days when you just roll out of bed and just could give a crap less what your hair looks like, that was my morning. But what I threw on this morning was Audrey-Grunge, Thursday's dress, oversized tee and threw on some knee highs for show just because I love them. The pearls just always remind me of Audrey, and when I was looking at the result it kinda reminded me of something from Breakfast at Tiffany's, but then again its probably just the pearls.

But before I show you the outfit, ill show you the bag. You all know you have a weakness for handbags, just go ahead and admit it. I have, and its the first step in recovery, yet we know thats not happening.

I just love her so much I thought id put her first, Christian Dior Saddle Bag.

Short But Sweet, here was today:

Fewf, long post.

Oversized Tee- Old Navy, Dress- Gadzooks, Pearls- Go International/ Luella, Headband- American Apparel, Shoes-Joey, Bag- Christian Dior.

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kitty kate said...

really love both outfits! and studded gladiators. they are so fun. gosh my wish list keeps getting longer and longer! so it goes.

Adiel said...

I adore your Thursday outfit!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Fabulous pictures. Also love the Nine West glads, hot. Remeember to post pics when ur new shoes arrive!

Laurel said...

Beautiful girl! You look so gorgeous in that super chic work-wear! Hot mamma.

Man, those new shoes are pretty wonderful I can't wait to see those on your footsies.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes, mi amore!


Dapper Kid said...

Love both looks, the dress and belt in the first one is super! Annnd loving the gladiators too, they look amazing, pictures soon please!

Mila said...

Hee girl!
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I have to say you look damn good, great style!
Nice blog, i'll be back for sure!


Sunniva said...

I love both of your outfits, and especially your Thursday outfit..it's got this sexy librarian feel to it which is so chic! And goodness, there are so many fantastic shoes out there..oh the joys of being a rich celebrity!


annabananna said...

you look super! and oh my, you bag...


great blue belt and booties above =)

Gabsterr said...

I love both outfits and all the gladiators!

Im adding youu to my link list.

p.s. my yellow dress is a costume from my dance recital(:

Siljesfashion said...

Love your outfits! LOVE those shoes, I had to get some cheaper ones as well, but they are fab!


You look wonderful!

Kira Fashion said...

love those socks!!

a kiss!!

L. said...

Amazing looking shoes. I also loved your white nails and the socks!

Danz said...

Both outfits are hottt! That first dress is gorgeous!

Studs + gladiators = fabulous! Can't wait to see you in your new shoes!

Btw, I'm linking you :)

Terren said...

darling...this post is no good for my bet with my boyfriend at all (about not shopping for a month). i am so needing those blue balenciagas.

Lydia said...

Sometimes those drowsy mornings where you don't care or think about things too much produce the best outfits! They do in my case, often times. Very cute, and I see the Audrey.

di said...

beautiful shoes!!!
me encantan*

Miss.Russe Femme Fatale said...

I totally understand you're love of fingerless gloves-especially leather ones!I also have been looking for ones for what seems an age and Im glad you adore Kare Lagerfield.He is fantastic!And thanks for the belated birthday wishes!x

Sinead said...

I love your simple belted dress. Such a classic.

Those blue Balenciagas are HOT!
I want them so much <3
But those white ones are a great substitute.

Sinead said...

and I am linking you right now! :)

yiqin; said...

I like how the blue belt just pops in the outfit! The Balenciaga are AMAZING! I'd die to have them!

Rose said...

wooo, working the pose babe! your pics got me drooling, i'm really an shoe addict! the balencia' ones are hot, really hot.


She's Dressing Up said...

I love the 1st outfit, very sexy but chic!

Sam said...

i love both outfits!
the shoes in the first are great and i love the necklace in the second.

Wendy said...

I like the Oh Deer booties alot, simple and chic. And the dress from the second outfit.

Anonymous said...