Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vitamin C.

Orange-you-glad I wrote this post, well you might not be but I am quite excited. This week's Look of the week had my addiction ready to share with the world. My love of orange came at a very young age, not being able to choose a favorite color so I had 2 growing up. Although its still in the line up for favorite colors, blue pretty much stole my heart for the number one spot. Orange will always be there for me, although always being obsessed with it, never can I find it. Im beginning to think that there's an orange drought.... well let me correct myself, there isssss orange out there, but I cant find anything worthy of the beautiful color orange, besides tacky club shirts, or the basic T... Can I pleeeeease get a pencil skirt, patent leather bag (thats not in the quadruple figures), long sweater, or at least a unique dress... alas. Nothing. Im beginning to think that only orange in my wardrobe is going to consist of my Kodak Digital Camera (which I do keep on me at all times) and my orange mesh tank... the label slips my mind at the moment - probably since I have YET to wear it. barg. for a spring 08 trend color, WHERE IN THE CRAP IS IT!? I am kind of going ballistic but have you seen it with nudes, greys, browns, black or white. Its pretty much the warm toned jewel in the warm color pallet, like purple is to the cools.
But lets not get confused now. Im not talking apricot or peach... toned down oranges, beautiful. But im looking for more of a balls out punch of orange, not quite neon... but pretty dang close.

Need some examples? try Spring/Summer 08 Favorites for love at first sight pieces of orange.... I wish I could afford right now.

But seriously how can one not be obsessed with this exotic citrus color, its almost memorizing. Although this is a color presented as a trend for spring 08, its much much more versatile than just a seasonal color, its a year round classic color that gets overlooked. - Yet if you get more into the peachy tones, yeah id lean more towards s/s season myself, but again... I want REAL bright orange.

First I was quite fearful of the pigment, we all think "I dont want to look like its halloween"... yeah Ive said that a few times, but it was more of a who gives a shit kinda attitude and just going for it, although orange is not often seen in fall/winter (besides halloween and thanksgiving to the American residents) I wish I could find some now, so I could layer and combine looks for the upcoming F/W season. There is only one collection so great, so edgy... I needed orange back in my life. Paulo Melim Andersson, although spending a short time at Chloe, being replaced by Hannah MacGibbon...He mastered the art of orange. Making every woman lust for it.

I need that bag, belt and everything from that collection (note the obsession on those mid-cafe black boots).... I guess ill just have to continue my mission... Perfect Orange I will find you!

(note orange color highlist for emphasis ha ha) ♥


rosie. said...

i love orange! :)

btw, I used Adobe Photoshop CS2.


p.s. thank you for the comment :) would you like to link blogs?

Adiel said...

I have also loved orange since I was a child. My favorite color is actually a combination of pink and orange, peach! coral! Whatever you want to call it. I used to have far more orange in my wardrobe than anything else. Eventually I had to restrict myself from purchasing that color any more. This post may make me get rid of the restriction.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha, funny post. Orange is growing on me, always used to detest it!
My shoes aren't MJ--can't afford that and they're actually older than that collection of his. They're from a Japanese brand called "On the Couch."

Bedroom Talk said...

oh gosh I never thought orange would like good on me until I found a top @ H&M I had been in search for since the dawn of time and it was in orange! Its looks so good! If you have an H&M close to you definitly hit! Orange Galore! lol :)

we wear things said...

oooh i do love orange.. it shows off a good tan.. lol

LML said...

i used to not wear a lot of orange then after i got an orange homecoming dress, i went crazy for it! i love all the diffferent shades of it from burnt rust to peach!

Fashion Ivy said...

I must admit it's not my fav colous. my mum likes when i wear it. she says it brings out my skin tone

WendyB said...

It is a beautiful color for clothes.

Danz said...

Hmm is a nice colour but I'm not really drawn to it for some reason. I think I need to get some more orange stuff and maybe I'll start to like it more :)

Thanks for your comment - you have a peacock tattoo? That's cool!

Take care and have a great day!