Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just in Time.

One word will explain my absentee. Finals.
Yes... it is that time, next week is my last week of summer semester and I couldn't be more excited. Im just really busy with alot of things lately. Not only do I have school breathing down my back, sorority recruitment is coming up and I have some work to do, but its all in a days work. But although its tuesday its still early in the week to ask how everyones weekend was? Because not only did I have a great weekend, I have fell madly in love with an accessory I thought I wouldn't really become fond of. Then it happened. and now im screwed.

I have been on the mission for the perfect mens watch(because womans watches are never good enough): Not to flashy, elegant, classic, silver, big, and beautiful.

I fell in love with this, and 3 links later it was sitting pretty on my left wrist.

Beyond now my growing obsession for watches lately, and my love for Cassie - I have now grown fond and quite envious of her watch collection... next on the list... GOLD.

The last picture I had to post because that gold watch is going to haunt my dreams, with the already nightmares I have of never being able to own the $4,000 Balenciaga ankle boots, Im beginning to not care if I buy the Steve Madden or Bakers knock offs. . . Its getting to hard.

And after reviewing Cassie picture son thefashionspot.com, Im pretty sure ill be buying a 2 finger personalized ring, NO LC RING COPY here, that ones to skinny and frail... If your wondering what I am even talking about, hopefully I will have one in the near future♥.


Adiel said...

Meh, I say go for the knockoffs if that is the look you want...
If you could afford the real stuff and you were still buying the fake, that's where I'd see the problem. You're a poor college student though. Do what you can.

That's just my opinion though. I'll get ready for the hate mail. ;)

Anonymous said...

cassie is so beautiful


OH MY GOD!!!!! You're amazing!