Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Double Header.

Pretty sure yesterday I slacked reallll hard. I was going to post, but my body decided to pass out after the Utah Bee's baseball game. So today because of game ill post both outfits.
Yesterdays outfit was a no brainer, literally... I like to call outfits such as this one: THE "IT" GIRL.
Why might you ask?.... Because our favorite IT girls rock the same look at least once or more. Mary-Kate, Ashley, Misha, Lindsay, LC, Hilary, Paris, Nicky, and Nicole, just to name a few, but this traditional outfit comes from what I like to think of as, "The night after look"... although this might not be the case every time, I'm sure it is at least once. Our rehab lovers, well majority of them even if we wouldn't like to admit, have made this look stick with me. Now for further explanation, this is the kind of outfit one wakes up to from after a crazy late night. It consists of the classic Fedora (1st addition, to hide last nights hair of course) or one of their favorite Scarves (1st, or a joined combination) paired with skinny's or a wide leg jeans with the classic white tee in "the tuck". (If you'd like a collage of this look, id be happy to make it for my fellow bloggers, but I just figure its just a used outfit you all will know what I'm talking about)

This outfit wins the award for effortless, morning after chic... and lets just say I sympathize with our fashion darlings about a late crazy night. The no brainier is a life saver.

Fedora- Hype, Shirt- American Apparel, Trousers- Charolette Russe, Shoes- Michael Antonio, Rings- Vintage.

Now in continuation... Even though I was at a Utah Bee's game. What better time to wear my team hat....GO JAYS!

Ten innings, and the apposing team was winning 5, 0... But we came back to tie it up 5 for 5, but it was the 10th inning and we just couldn't wait any longer to see who won, so we left. Its not like its a Jays game anyways....and on that note I think every woman should at least own one fitted hat, they are highly under-rated for women.

On todays outfit, do you ever have that one item in your closet you just love and could never be rid of but never really can pair it with much? This is the recipe for disaster with my favorite L.A.M.B shorts. They are completely darling and I love them to death, but the awkward shape of the shorts would lead to really interesting proportions. But alas finally a combination that offset the bulkiness of the shorts, hopefully.

Shirt- Old Navy, Shorts- L.A.M.B, Belt- Michael Kors, Shoes- WetSeal, Jewelry- Juicy Couture.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Tuck.

To tuck or not to tuck, that... is the question.

This spring and summer season as I become obsessed with the T-shirt all over again I have fallen in complete and utter love with the "tuck". Although I haven't been able to share this mutual love with you since I am a blog beginner, I thought what better time than another manic Monday! Ill show you my ensemble later in the post, but Id like to focus on my key inspiration of the "tuck". Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen... fashion Icons no doubt or just your occasional spoiled brats, but I find some liking in there wear from day to day. When Mary Kate doesn't wear the same shirt three days in a row, and Ashley actually does her hair, one can really pay attention, as did I when I fell in love with the tuck. For me my t-shirt faze is a small one, I tend to lean towards more professionally dressed at times instead of a plain t-shirt, yet this put me right back in check for the perfect balance of a casual look, but not toooo grungy (we cant really not have a bit of grunge). So once I saw the twins pull this look off time and time again, I wondered why I hadn't jumped on the bandwagon yet. So after I got over the self conscious factor I just did it, and we have lived happily ever after... except for the occasional hole in the shirt, then the tuck really pisses me off... ♥

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Shirt- Marc Jacobs, Pants- Old Navy, Shoes- Joey, Sunglasses- Ray Ban Wayfarer, Crosses- Forever21, Handbag- Marc Jacobs.

Tag....your it.

So Ive been tagged by Miss.Russe Femme Fatale, the darling dear behind the new blog Get Thee To A Catwalk.

5 Things Found in my Purse- Marc Jacobs Coin purse with an assortment of change and USB drives, Orange Kodak Digital, Clinique Glosswears in Kitten, Coconut Lime Verbena Lotion and my White Cell phone (its crapping out, I need a Blackberry....)

Things Found in my Wallet- ONE credit card and ONE debit card so I don't get in trouble, along with insurance card, Costco card(for gas), U of U student Id, Smiths fresh values card, and a subway card...naturally I live alone people ha ha.

Found in my Room- Clothes! Everywhere, my Frank Sinatra picture, a television I never use (the good ones in the living room anyways), my sorority letters, and a bouquet of peacock feathers♥

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do- Become a Fashion Merchandiser professionally(thats what I am doing in school if you wanted to know), Go to Barcelona, Venice, and the Portugal Azores (where my family is from). Be able to afford the majority of all my fashion obsessions.

5 Things I’m currently into- Watercolor painting, helping other people shop, Chunky Heels, Tights as pants... IN ACCORDANCE, Sex and the City inspirations, Fedora Hats, Crosses, Lime green nails, tan lines and Organic Foods.

5 Impressions of my Tagger-Has a fond love for Luella and Miu Miu two of my favorites as well, She looks amazing in glasses, can carry red lipstick extremely well, has been quite the doll, and has an amazing line of retro and vintage inspirations.

I tag La Mode et Moi , Its because I think too much and La Petite Fashionista,

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little bit of everything.


Although they are no Utah Jazz, they aren't half bad. Plus anyone that defeats the Lakers by a long haul is ok in my book. Plus I have little girl crush on Ryan Allen and Rajon Rondo. Oh and congratulations to rookie Gabe Pruitt my personal Celtic and pal... first season in the NBA and he already has a championship under his belt. Sorry Lakers fans, you needed to loose this one... plus the Lakers are way to trendy they need to fade out, like the Yankees!

But now back to business...
This morning, I was extremely attracted to the grandma sweater, but it is to damn hot to wear a sweater and jeans... so L.Lohan bring on the tights, because after the butt rule, I could totally get used to this... Leggings as pants once again, for having such a neutral outfit I got quite a few stares today, and its bad when I actually notice... but then again... I live in Utah, can i blame them... everyones used to Abercrombie and Hollister... drives me mad.

On that note... I live above a mall... so I am quite aware of THE VS SEMI ANNUAL SALE. After yesterday and today I wont lie, im ridiculously broke. I have been trying to transform my undergarments closet as well, and it turned out quite successful. But now im quite broke... but this happens twice a year, a girl is totally allowed to splurge at least twice... and mama mia did I ever... Well ladies if you haven't gone in, go I love all the colors and fabrics that they don't carry regularly that they always sell at the sale!

Alright got alittle excited there, back to grandma sweaters.

The Product:

In addition to my grandma sweater my MY NEW SHOES FINALLY CAME IN AS PREDICTED.
So for all you darlings that asked for modeling pictures, I just couldn't contain myself and wait so I just through them on with the same ensemble and the finish turned out better than expected.. the nude tones in the shoes really worked with my outfit. These shoes are going to be so easy to dress... since in some cases I find one thing and work the outfit around them... and I have a feeling it will be the shoes. (Also I did a zoom in picture of my right food so you could all see my tattoo that some of you have been asking about!)

I love them♥
Buy them here....

Outfit: Sweater- To the Max, T-shirt- American Apparel, Tights- forever21, Belt- Forever21, Jewelry- Grandma vintage, heels-Forever21.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Cruise Collection or is it Resort Collection? Personally cruise applies more to me in the event that me and my family usually cruise every year, but I can see how resort does apply. I just don't understand at the current time why people call it Resort, and some people call it Cruise.... Cant we all just get along and call it Vacation Collection, then it would target all of us travelers on cruises and at resorts (any opinions?). Besides my little self realization on the topic of the collections I spent all morning observing them. I found alot of great collections, and some gloomy ones. Don't get me wrong they are all really spectacular but some just use some really grim colors that I don't think most people would want to vacation in, more of a fall collection but some really great stuff. If you haven't looked at the resort/cruise collections yet, I really suggest you take a peek. If you to lazy like I usually am heres some of my favorite collections.

Helmut Lang: This is the kind of clothes that I could wear with anything, and when your cruising, or vacationing as you know. You want stuff that will go with anything, so you can change it up about 3 times a day. I personally cant get over those shoes, and in general would just love all of this in my closet for everyday.

Marc Jacobs: My second true love when I was introduced to the world of fashion (next to Dior) So I couldn't really ignore the fact that I absolutely love everything this man produces. Everything.

Bill Blass: Usually I am not so much of a Bill Blass fan, but this house can create the most amazing dresses and has such rich colors. Currently addicted to any kind of crazy bright pattern he had me quite excited, I am surprised we don't see much of this house on the red carpet. But someone get me that last dress, Its stunning.

Lanvin: The modern edge of elegance I think. Every collection is usually in my top 10 and the Lanvin line is always completely genius. I also loved that he actually used Jeans in the collection, finally realization that people do wear jeans, not just gowns everyday! Majority of people complain that to many people wear Lanvin, but just as the brand is projected to make a woman feel absolutely fabulous, thats why people are wearing the clothes, it makes them feel fabulous. I mean I know it would make me feel that why by just looking at it. And once again... these shoes are phenomenal, every season as well I just lust over his shoes.

Besides lusting over clothes I cant really afford until they pop up on Ebay ill continue. Also I am quite happy to inform that I purchased new shoes, and they should be in my hands tomorrow. I went behind your backs and bought a completely different shoe than the Aldo ones, It was just to hard to decide anyways so I went with these:

I took this picture from Lady Melbournes site, because little did I know until just yesterday that we have the same exact shoes, well Ill have mine tomorrow. And as for today, my theme is "Go Max or Go home" Im breaking my maxi dress out for the beautiful weather that this side of the USA has been soaking up. Although Ive had this maxi dress for over a year and the maxi craze has just advanced, I thought id take it out for a boho test drive.

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Necklace-?, Earrings- Icing, Vest- Gadzooks, Dress- Forever21, Bracelet- Vintage, Shoes- Dollhouse, Rings- Vintage.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ello, Jackie O.

I hope everyone had a lovely fathers day, and also a great weekend. I was a horrible blogger and dont really do much internet surfin' on the weekends. Ive got an apartment to clean and shopping to do... ha ha but this weekend I was catching up on my tan in the absolutely beautiful weather SLC has been having... finally. But this morning I dreaded going to class and work after such a relaxing weekend, so upon my daily routine of picking out the days best, I hit a road block, so when in doubt... wear an LBD.... and after accessorizing and doing the put 3 things on take one off, and oh wait that one too. The product was this:

Nothing wrong with alittle Jackie O.

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Oxford- Forever21, Dress- Gadzooks, Belt- Charolette Russe, Shoes- Joey, Sunglasses- Fendi, Necklace- Forever21, Rings- Vintage

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Buzz.

The leggings / tights as pants phenomena has become quite the latest buzz in the fashion world, but lets be honest... they have been around from quite some time. Although I must admit I love leggings and tights from time to time they just need to be worn appropriately. (Nylon's image is a great example of ways not to wear them!). So Before I completely disregard tights as pants, I had to figure this phenomena for itself. Truth is I have a few rules before accomplishing the “tights as pants” look. First I shall never pull a Siena, Lohan, or Britney and wear a short shirt with just tights… its gotta at least be tunic length… So in which with the appropriate length one can pull off such a look and with the right tights... as such I find it to be very well done.

The attempt:

The Verdict:

I enjoy this. When the appropriate length is used of course!

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Shoes- Paolo, Velvet Leggings- Forever21, Silk Tunic- DKNY, Vest- Wetseal, Necklace- Vintage, Hat- Forever21, Sunglasses- Steve Madden.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trousers and the City

Work is boring, so its left me no choice but to watch all 56 collections from F/W08 on I know I am slacking in that department, we are already on Cruise collection! I am on 30/56 so ill be done soon and on to the next, but is it just me or are we going extra fast through each collection... what happened to every 6 months (except for Couture and Cruise collections). If only I could afford everything I lust over each season. Yet I am a college student and have to be thrifty and extremely Ebay aware, but us fashionistas make it on a budget... we just buy the really really good stuff... :)

On that note my fellow bloggers I need opinions... ive been looking at Aldo lately with quite an interested eye, Ive found a few pairs of shoes I am excited about and need to limit it to one..maybe. (I have a shoe purchase I am saving up for) So input would be greatly appreciated!

The white oxford - $49.95

Bone Platform Pump - $44.98

Cream Oxford with a thicker heel - $64.98

White/Pink Pump - 39.98

But overall Rainy day in the SLC. Yet I am Carrie inspired once again...


The Outfit:

Sunglasses- RayBan Wayfarers, Blazer- Forever21, Shirt- NYC airport, Trousers- Forever21, Envelope Clutch- ?, Ankle boots- Oh deer, Bangles- Forever21, Heart Pin- Coach.

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