Monday, June 9, 2008

Ivory Leauge.

And my workweek begins.
Happy Monday Darlings.

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Cardigan - Express, Skirt - Forever21, Shirt - BCBG Maxazria, Shoes - Steve Madden, Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Belt - Gadzooks.


Ida said...

This is a seriously cute outfit. It is just perfect with the cardigan.

When I first saw it I though the skirt was from H&M as they have exactly the same design and pattern.

Anyway, I love it:) And thank you for the lovely comment:)

sophia247 said...

Yeah it is really adorable, and the skirt is the cutest!

Stephanie said...

Cute outfit, I like the really long length of that cardigan especially. Nice blog!

Adiel said...

Love the skirt!

(and I voted for ya on Chictopia)

She's Dressing Up said...

This is lovely, especially the skirt!

la petite fashionista said...

i'm always looking for conservative yet stylish enough looks to wear to work.. this is great! i really like your blog; im adding ya to my blogroll


so, did you catch the elevator ? lol

i just discovered your blog and i find it very cool

hi from Paris by the way

ps :
lots of my readers thinks that parisian girls are the most stylish
what do you think about ?


Katia said...

Ouh, I love your skirt!
Do you have a tatoo on your foot?
It looks really cool! =]

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely look, very classic and chic.

Laurel said...

I just love this skirt on you! I love dressing for work, but then it requires to actually work - which I'm not quite a fan of, haha. xo

ruby may said...

Your blog is seriously talented, I like the yellow skirt best of all, it looks like it's made of petals!

Alya said...

This is a great work outfit, I could wear this to work AND out with friends..

Times of Glory said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! The outfit is effortlessly chic! The oversized cardi is great - it gives some easiness to the outfit! You look so sweet xx

Kira Fashion said...


great style, love that yellow skirt!!!!
thanks a lot for passing at my blog, let´s exchange links?
you are at my blogroll ok?

a kiss,
see you,

Brandi Stone said...

such a cute skirt!

Hanna said...

That skirt is so darling!

pammish said...

this is so fresh :) ilove it!

Anonymous said...

This looks really really nice on you.