Monday, June 2, 2008

Day in the life, weekend style-

This weekend, random yet a really good time.
Friday was pretty damn interesting, went to my friend Amelya's for her boyfriend Cameron's graduation bbq in Emigration Canyon, which turned into HUGE burgers, bitch beer, Celtics game, guitar hero and like 20ish rounds of beer pong. Average day in Utah right, actually yes ha ha. "teal cup rules"

In continuation of this may/june weekend, I attended the LPD Gallery showing, and to my surprise the art work was fantastic. I have my eye on one piece that I am thinking about investing in for my own personal collection... that Ive been wanting to begin for a while now... but investing in art compared to the usual amounts spent on the wardrobe, its hard to use it on interior decorating. The local work here in Utah is amazing so I am extremely tempted to buy one of the artist's pieces. The gallery/boutique opened for the showing at 7, and I arrived at around 8:15... quite a few people for how small the actual shop is but the work was impressive, the music odd. I was shocked that only one painting had been purchased. The gallery is open until the end of June when they will be replacing the work with a new artist. Here are some of the pictures from the gallery and my favorite paintings:

If you are interested in The Art of Hilary Wilkinson Howell you can e-mail her at

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