Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shall I hop on the Bandwagon?

I think so... I to sit amongst my fellow fashionistas and gaze at the ridiculously marvelous creations of Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. Yet although some of us may have the pocket change to burn up...I really couldn't afford to spend what would be the majority of my monthly budget, I actually have to pay for rent. So while I drool over a top 10 dream shoe, a pretty wonderful replica began to arise... and then on the feet of every possible fashion obsessie. So for the past couple of months ive been in quite the debate: This shoe although a beautiful piece of art is a huge trend, BUT since I live in SLC-Nowhere, I haven't seen them on the likes of one person here. So would you buy the shoe...cause I think I will. (opinions?)

My Dream pair.

The Affordable Pair.


Jillian said...

yea i bought the nine west balenciaga wannabes i love them! i have them in black took me forever to find a pair in a size 7.0 though but it was worth the wait!


fashion* CHALET said...

even more affordable? wetseal has those same 9west wedges for $26 shipped! ;)


those Balenciagas are to die for....:)


Anonymous said...

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