Thursday, June 5, 2008

What did the armpit say to the hand?

This image perfectly captures the essence of the word. (But I wouldnt let that Fendi go either...)
Since my recent purchase of a woven leather clutch, I have been quite obsessed. I really don't understand the recent love I have encountered but I never used to see it quite like a see it now. They are always on the agenda for a formal or cocktail event, but for daily life I never used to be intrigued. The thought of loosing my bag and all the contents in it was a chance I wasn't willing to make on a causal day. Although now with my love resting on my legs I don't think one would leave such a piece unattended without a careful eye. During a casual outing yesterday I decided to give the new bag a try, shoved all my shit in it for a short trip to pick up some movies and I was on my way. Though walking down the hall way I was transformed, I suddenly felt so completely elegant in my tee-shirt and jeans prancing down the hallway with a weightless shoulder. This clutch in my right hand was the culprit. Seriously though it probably sounds quite silly but without the look of a handbag on my shoulder weighing me down I simply feel timeless while I used my clutch. It seems to draw more attention to the creation of clothes Ive put together for that day and simply be a statement piece in its simplicity.
If your not a clutch fan, seriously... your missing out.
Your mission if you choose it - buy a clutch. Its a necessity in the closet anyways.


Jenny H. said...

i understand the obsession with clutches.

i have far too many.
but i always feel so proper.
and olsen-twinesque when holding one.

The Clothes Horse said...

I love clutches, I just don't tend to use them--they're difficult for me to carry and still feel comfortable.

fashion* CHALET said...

amazing huge clutch :)

Adiel said...

I'm certainly in the market for a great clutch that can fit all the necessities...