Monday, July 28, 2008

Dont be such a Pre-Madonna.

Heres a late night giggle.

1. pre-madonna
A very young prima donna.

It is a play on words that uses "Madonna", the name of a pop-music star who is a prima donna of the highest order.

Pre-madonnas cannot help they way they are because their parents spoiled them and they are still developing their personalities.

1. Prima-Donna
From Italian words meaning "first woman" or "first lady", depending on your preference, the prima donna is the leading lady in a performance, and especially in opera. Can also be called a diva.

Is now often used to describe someone arrogant, vain, or just plain bitchy. Diva and prima donna have become synonomous with a show-off or a bitch, regardless of whether or not the person in question is male or female.

I just adore ha ha ha.

But at 11:54 on a monday night ill leave you with this, Goodnight Monday:
(Note: New Ninewest Heathers...♥)

Shirt- American Apparel, Skirt- Tahari, Shoes- Ninewest, Crosses- Forever21, Belt- Thrift, Rings- Vintage.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vitamin C.

Orange-you-glad I wrote this post, well you might not be but I am quite excited. This week's Look of the week had my addiction ready to share with the world. My love of orange came at a very young age, not being able to choose a favorite color so I had 2 growing up. Although its still in the line up for favorite colors, blue pretty much stole my heart for the number one spot. Orange will always be there for me, although always being obsessed with it, never can I find it. Im beginning to think that there's an orange drought.... well let me correct myself, there isssss orange out there, but I cant find anything worthy of the beautiful color orange, besides tacky club shirts, or the basic T... Can I pleeeeease get a pencil skirt, patent leather bag (thats not in the quadruple figures), long sweater, or at least a unique dress... alas. Nothing. Im beginning to think that only orange in my wardrobe is going to consist of my Kodak Digital Camera (which I do keep on me at all times) and my orange mesh tank... the label slips my mind at the moment - probably since I have YET to wear it. barg. for a spring 08 trend color, WHERE IN THE CRAP IS IT!? I am kind of going ballistic but have you seen it with nudes, greys, browns, black or white. Its pretty much the warm toned jewel in the warm color pallet, like purple is to the cools.
But lets not get confused now. Im not talking apricot or peach... toned down oranges, beautiful. But im looking for more of a balls out punch of orange, not quite neon... but pretty dang close.

Need some examples? try Spring/Summer 08 Favorites for love at first sight pieces of orange.... I wish I could afford right now.

But seriously how can one not be obsessed with this exotic citrus color, its almost memorizing. Although this is a color presented as a trend for spring 08, its much much more versatile than just a seasonal color, its a year round classic color that gets overlooked. - Yet if you get more into the peachy tones, yeah id lean more towards s/s season myself, but again... I want REAL bright orange.

First I was quite fearful of the pigment, we all think "I dont want to look like its halloween"... yeah Ive said that a few times, but it was more of a who gives a shit kinda attitude and just going for it, although orange is not often seen in fall/winter (besides halloween and thanksgiving to the American residents) I wish I could find some now, so I could layer and combine looks for the upcoming F/W season. There is only one collection so great, so edgy... I needed orange back in my life. Paulo Melim Andersson, although spending a short time at Chloe, being replaced by Hannah MacGibbon...He mastered the art of orange. Making every woman lust for it.

I need that bag, belt and everything from that collection (note the obsession on those mid-cafe black boots).... I guess ill just have to continue my mission... Perfect Orange I will find you!

(note orange color highlist for emphasis ha ha) ♥

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just in Time.

One word will explain my absentee. Finals.
Yes... it is that time, next week is my last week of summer semester and I couldn't be more excited. Im just really busy with alot of things lately. Not only do I have school breathing down my back, sorority recruitment is coming up and I have some work to do, but its all in a days work. But although its tuesday its still early in the week to ask how everyones weekend was? Because not only did I have a great weekend, I have fell madly in love with an accessory I thought I wouldn't really become fond of. Then it happened. and now im screwed.

I have been on the mission for the perfect mens watch(because womans watches are never good enough): Not to flashy, elegant, classic, silver, big, and beautiful.

I fell in love with this, and 3 links later it was sitting pretty on my left wrist.

Beyond now my growing obsession for watches lately, and my love for Cassie - I have now grown fond and quite envious of her watch collection... next on the list... GOLD.

The last picture I had to post because that gold watch is going to haunt my dreams, with the already nightmares I have of never being able to own the $4,000 Balenciaga ankle boots, Im beginning to not care if I buy the Steve Madden or Bakers knock offs. . . Its getting to hard.

And after reviewing Cassie picture son, Im pretty sure ill be buying a 2 finger personalized ring, NO LC RING COPY here, that ones to skinny and frail... If your wondering what I am even talking about, hopefully I will have one in the near future♥.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mod Squad.

I don't know if its almost the end of the semester for everyone, but I have two weeks left of summer semester and im pretty much dying. Granted my classes are not so bad, and I only go twice a week, they have really upped the mother load. But I am back and want to thank everyone on the lovely comments and hope everyones enjoying the bloggy, ive almost been around 2 whole months. But I am back to catch up and post sorry about the delay!

First and foremost I wanna give a shout out to Share My Fashion Addiction!
for featuring my photo on her blog, this would be my first time getting featured, Thank you so much! - Shes got a lovely blog as well, so check it out!

And also if you havent realized where I get all my spare time, let me just inform you. Being a receptionist is pretty chill and thats where I do the majority of my posts from, and get all my lovely pictures from aswell. Most bloggers have a boyfriend, I have my trusty desk. But besides that if im not blogging or shopping online I found the most amazing website for bored people like myself... - They have TV episodes and online movies... Its pretty great. Just figured if some of you guys are as bored as I am usually, its quite the jackpot... and I am completely hooked on Temptation Island... im a nerd I get it.

Here is today:
What was a shirt, turned into a dress. And what was a see-through dress, added a dress underneath and turned it into a layered dress. And what was a layered dress, was belted and turned into a bubble dress... God how i lover the versatility of clothing♥

Now... lets figure out something to do with my hair ha ha.

Dress#1- Forever21, Dress#2- Gadzooks, Watch- Moschino, Shoes- Ninewest, Belt- Old Navy.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bedazzled Biker Babe.

What a title right? Yeah.... we will get to that later. Well to begin todays post ill start it off with a beauty portion, I dont do much beautification on a regular basis, I just tend to stick to the basics... maybe alittle something here and there but not to much unless its an event or something. So I made my little beauty board.



Although most of you are used to seeing curly hair, this is straight... and its a bit longer now.
But you get the Idea.

Tinted Moisturizer-
Clinique makes great ones I use City Block tinted moisturizer... Ive heard great things about Smashbox aswell.

Im not a big fan on liquid foundation because having oily skin such as myself it just can clog my pores and really be bad news for my skin, so I am a huge fan of Powder foundations...mainly Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation in 34 SPF (beacause im totally anal about aging, and the effects of sun on my face) - Its really light and covers alot, but if you have a blemish or something you can usually just dot it on there and the apply the power foundation.

Bronzer and Highlighting-
I am a big fan of bronzer and blush but for me its blush in the winter and bronzer in the summer, but maybe a mix of both here and there but right now its bronzer. The best bronzer under the sun is NARS, seriously... im not even kidding, its the best. Trust me.
Now for highlighting I recommend two... Benefit makes a good liquid highlighter but again... liquid and that just creates oilier skin...
So 1. I recommend Sephora Brand Luminizing Trio (comes in two colors so pick and choose)
and 2. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Mine... my favorite... but I think its limited so if you want it im pretty sure Ebay's your best bet. But I just dust it all over my cheekbones to emphasize it a tad. Great stuff everyone should own a highlighting product.

I have really long eyelashes to begin with so I don't like anything really chunky or heavy cause it just ends up getting into my eyes anyways. Im a huge fan of Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black its simple and gets the job done.
Does anyone use DIOR SHOW mascara, im tempted to try it but just curious how it goes on.

Im really picky about my gloss, as long as I have a nude tone or a pink tone in my purse everyday im set. These are my perfect lip gloss colors:
Perfect Pink- Clinique Glosswears in Kitten Pink
Perfect Nude- Rimmel in Eastend Snob
Perfect Nude/Pink combination- NARS in Turkish Delight.
Perfect Red- MAC Lipglass in Russian Red (same as the lipstick)

Usually the last thing I put on before im running out of the door...late. Everyone has there out signature fragrances but these are some that have been with me through the years.
Day - Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue (I first got this perfume about 5 years ago, and have been wearing it ever since- although kinda trendy... well more so than it was. Its an amazing smell very distinguishable.
Night- Dior's Miss Dior Cherie. The most elegant smell to me. Its utterly classic, although Chanel is probably the most popular classic fragrance, this is my Chanel.... and I am a Dior Whore anyways.

Nail Polish- Own one in everycolor (roygbv) red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. and Black white gold and silver - and then your good. That would cover everything :) - I am a huge nail polish buff. And nail polish brands dont really matter so $1(wet and wild) - $17(chanel)... its your call.


Next order of business, My Ninewest Heathers came in this morning at work and they are so beautiful on! Yet since I am a scatter brain, I left my camera home sitting on the charger... and the curling iron on in my sink...STILL... im a tad bit nervous. ha ha.
Another lovely package came in the mail for me. . . The hunt is over, I now own the perfect fingerless gloves, and they really pull everything together, heres the outfit I paired them with, and the reason for the fabulous title:

The last one turned out really interesting with the lighting, but its pretty cool.

Dress- Karta, Tights- Forever2, Shoes- Joey, Hat- Charolette Russe, Gloves- Ebay.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Hard Candy.

Happy Belated Birthday America
and Happy Canada Day - to my fellow Canadians out there, since im a knock off American!

How was everyones weekend?
I was gone extra long due to the fact that I had the 3rd, 4th and the weekend off. So I was in no school/no work bliss. I didnt do much outdoor shopping except for on Friday and I picked up the most amazing Karta dress from Nordstroms:

(But in Royal Blue)

I was shopping with my sister Tuesday and saw it and tried it on, not thinking how much I really actually loved the dress, but thinking about how much money I should be saving... Yet I went back again with my friend Jake on Friday... and disregarded all those previous thoughts I had before. I bought the dress. Its really quite lovely on, ive really enjoyed the Karta line - this is my 2nd dress and they are dreamy.

In addition to the spending that I shouldnt have been accumulating I bought the nine west heels ive been lusting over for months now... and its not the heech, thank the lord. I bought the nine west Heathers shoe:

And on sale for $29.99 I didn't really have the heart to say no to my beloved.
P.s. - On that note is having the best prices on there sale shoes, I highly recommend you find a beloved of your own&heart;

Now that we are on the shoe note, my strappy white gladiators came in this morning and I was ever so happy to squeeze my fat feet into them. Now I am just waiting for my fingerless gloves that should be arriving today, but here are my new shoes:

(Note: They are as hard to put on as they look, but worth it!)

I dont know how many fans there are of colored denim, but if your not... just invest in one pair... I promise they are so fun and you will begin to grow fond. Although this trend has been going on for almost a year now who could honestly resist it. And its denim, like its really going out of style ever, might as well have fun with it in assorted colors.

You already pretty much know what im wearing today. I was feeling alitte punk-rockesquie yet the blue denim and pink studded belt reminded me of bubble gum for some odd reason. Never the less I was gonna rock out, but heres the complete minus the new shoes.

Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Jeans- Old Navy, Shoes(new)- Wild Rose, (todays)- Chinese Laundry, Bag- Marc Jacobs, Belt- JMR, Jewelry- Vintage.

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Happy Monday!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You Dirty Girl.

So im a slacker. Ill just come out and admit it right now! Its been since Wednesday and yeah I have had class and work but nothing serious, Ive just been involved with my boyfriends: Ebay and Red-Bull Vodka. But no worries Im back now with quite a few updates, so prepare yourself darlings, this is going to be quite the post. Shall we start from the beginning?

I really dont have much to say on the topic of: Just another boring day at work.
Besides the fact that I adore white nails.

Blouse- Forever21, Dress- Gadzooks, Belt- Thrift, Ankle Boots- Oh Deer!, Glasses- Burberry.

Onward Ho!

Who are Karl Langerfeld fans? Well If you know him, and you love him you will pretty much understand my day in to day out mission for the perfect fingerless gloves. I have been looking for them endlessly for a long time subduing my crave for the black leather ones with a pair of gray lace ones but that didn't last long. I don't know what it is lately but Ive been seeing them everywhere and finally it drove me over the edge, the hunt was on. I found some great ones at Hot Topic in red, alas every single pair either had a stud missing or was torn - Beautiful pleather, not. Well finally I got an idea, ebay...duh....found em, bought them... on there way! Ill post pictures when they arrive- Heres just one reason why I adore fingerless gloves, and its not Blake Livly, but I might just have to buy them in white...or in any color for that matter.

In continuation of my weekend with one love in my life ebay, I made another purchase. I realize the gladiator craze is reaching all star limits in the shoe world, but as much as I am tempted to buy those darling wedges I just need to say no! Not only are they popping up everywhere on the internet, they are now making versions of it for Wetseal and Forever21. I am sorry but once it hits mass appeal on that level ill find some alternatives which I have.
We all are aware (I hope) that Balenciaga was knocked off when nine west created there beloved "heech" sandal, which is now being reproduced and knocked off again, well... Are you aware of the new version that they created of the Gladiator sandal?

This baby was the creation that spawned it all, although I cannot blame them this is quite the piece of art. I find this style with the studs my favorite and indeed on my list of HG (holy grail) shoes that hopefully I will acquire over my life time, Ill make a post about them soon.

Yet Balenciaga makes this Studded Gladiator in a flat version aswell that I feel gets over looked!

By the way, the studded version is so much more enjoyable. But then again I am obsessed with studs so of course I would think that.

Alas this is the "new" Gladiator shoe release by Balenciaga... all thats changed is the Wedge part, its now a heel... But different all the same, and if it wasn't for the color I probably wouldn't lust over these as much but they are wonderful so im pretty much screwed.

So getting back to the point of my not being able to purchase the wedge version, I looked to my beloved shopping problem to help me resort my needs and I came to finding a shoe. Its not a direct knock off, but when I see this shoe it reminds me of the new version. I could just be the heel, but its strappy none the less and I adore it. throw in some buckles criss cross some straps, and make it patent leather, then you would get my new beloved. So if you looked at the Balenciaga on drugs, you would get this.

♥-Ill post pictures when they arrive.


Now for today, also the reasoning behind "Dirty girl" - Although you may not think so this morning I felt like just saying in bed. One of those days when you just roll out of bed and just could give a crap less what your hair looks like, that was my morning. But what I threw on this morning was Audrey-Grunge, Thursday's dress, oversized tee and threw on some knee highs for show just because I love them. The pearls just always remind me of Audrey, and when I was looking at the result it kinda reminded me of something from Breakfast at Tiffany's, but then again its probably just the pearls.

But before I show you the outfit, ill show you the bag. You all know you have a weakness for handbags, just go ahead and admit it. I have, and its the first step in recovery, yet we know thats not happening.

I just love her so much I thought id put her first, Christian Dior Saddle Bag.

Short But Sweet, here was today:

Fewf, long post.

Oversized Tee- Old Navy, Dress- Gadzooks, Pearls- Go International/ Luella, Headband- American Apparel, Shoes-Joey, Bag- Christian Dior.

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