Friday, August 8, 2008

Casual Friday.

Change has been in order this last week, I finished all my summer classes and did very well if I might add. And with my shopping addiction that I have been trying to slow down for Vegas, it hasn't really been happening. I leave in less than a week and I don't have nearly enough saved up for this VIVA LAS VEGAS shopping spree... but I guess that just means my Visa will have to keep up with me... or maybe Ill just stay at the pool a little longer to work on my none existent tan... yeah... maybe I will. But I know Ive been such a slacker ALL July pretty much, but im totally working on it. I have no excuse now that summer semester is over. But I wont lie... im getting pretty excited, looking for internships, starting new classes, new degree (fashion merchandising), and just finishing up my Degree + Minor this next year is pretty exciting. I am just trying to decide where I want to move... The Hills, even though completely staged has got me wanted to move to LA... naturally because its the 2nd largest fashion capital in the US but thats besides the point. NYC... ACROSS the nation.. so I am pretty much a skeptic but thats where a lot of opportunity happens for the job I want to go into. Next is Toronto, CA - Also PRETTY MUCH across the nation, and a tad north - But pretty much my whole family lives there so I wont be alone. Last but not lease is Las Vegas Nevada, Its pretty much blowing up in fashion which is kind of surprising, but I think living in Sin City would be a blast.. at least for a year.

Besides my rant about my future and moving I did a little permanent change...

Shirt- RVCA, Shoes- Old Navy, Belt- JMR, Jeans- Old Navy.

Huge change Right?
Yeah I got a little crazy, felt a little punk rock and completely HATED bangs and wanted to be rid of them completely. Dont worry center part is going to be all the rage, don't you worry... my hair just needs to grow a few inches oh yeah... and work on that tan... So thoughts?

Oh and in my casual Friday outfit... you will see peeking from under my boot cut jeans some fabulous jelly looking shoes. Those shoes are these:

THEY WERE A STEAL, reg $19.50 which is pretty much a steal to begin with - they rang up at a total of $4.49. They come in an adorable gold color as well. Now thats a bargain Vegas will have to understand.

I apologize for my Casual attire today. But cut me some slack everyone deserves a break right?